Case Studies

Transport Industry

Our business is the leading supplier of Induction Lighting in Ireland and Iarnród Éireann has been using our products for many years.

Willie Pierce, the Energy and Environment manager with Iarnród Éireann, outlines below why they decided to use  Induction lighting.

Iarnród Éireann Bogie Shop

Iarnród Éireann does routine and heavy maintenance on its fleet of over 600 rail vehicles.

A “bogie” is a subframe with 2 or 3 axles, wheels, engines , motors etc., upon which the body of the carriage sits.

The Bogie shop handles the lifting off of the body and the refurbishment of the Bogie. is the operation of overhead cranes by operatives on the ground, using remote control joysticks is an essential part of the operations in the shop, and this was one of the key drivers in selecting Induction Fluorescent fittings.

Induction Fluorescent fittings share many of the characteristics of LED fittings; long life, instant switching, slow degradation. The lumens output per watt is not as high as the LED but the glare factor is much lower, which is critical to all but eliminating dazzle and glare when operating overhead cranes. LEDs are typically a high intensity point source of light and are dazzling to look into; Induction fluorescents have a large diffused light source area and create little or no glare.

So the critical driver was in fact safety of our operations and improved conditions for the operatives.